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Sunday, 01-May-2016
My new sounds: Second Time https://t.co/PKBWWNOMaV on #SoundCloud

Friday, 15-Apr-2016
About to play a Fender Rhodes for a Dell commercial shoot! Excited for a second commercial opportunity, this time on-screen, yay!!!😁🎹🎬🎢

Saturday, 09-Apr-2016
My new sounds: My Father's Daughter https://t.co/UfSvFu3yzZ on #SoundCloud

Saturday, 24-Oct-2015
My first time ever to vote as a member of the Recording Academy...very excited to be voting in the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards!😁🎢 #GRAMMYs

Sunday, 02-Aug-2015
@circuitamericas Karen Goh performing on KXAN in Austin, TX...and hopefully at Lone Star Le Mans this year! :) https://t.co/DEHNgquxTZ

Sunday, 02-Aug-2015
@circuitamericas Karen Goh performs a Katy Perry cover for Elmo! :) https://t.co/K0IhoQ8MF3 #LoneStarLeMans #COTA #nationalanthem

Saturday, 13-Jun-2015
http://t.co/Y9DNhNMNNr Thank you @JimCarrey for such valuable words of wisdom!!! Beautiful. Love this. :)

Tuesday, 28-Apr-2015
It only takes seconds to hurt someone. But sometimes it takes years to repair the damage. Cherish the hearts that love you. #truth #love

Monday, 23-Mar-2015
Making my own comp track at the studio :) So excited about this new project! #recording #newmusic

Monday, 23-Mar-2015
Listening to Larry Klein and Tim Palmer at the Grammy Producers & Engineers Wing exclusive event at… https://t.co/DzovsNgCR8

Friday, 20-Mar-2015
RT @ramysdrumpocket: jacobhildepants in da house... @karenlgoh #ILoveMakingRecords #DoesNotSuck #SXSW https://t.co/ktKCSQnYAq

Tuesday, 17-Mar-2015
RT @ramysdrumpocket: Then...there's this guy...nuff saidπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @karenlgoh EP is NOT GONNA SUCK #ILoveMakingRecords https://t.co/3gY5pu3ugt

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